please help me with my script

I am making a golf game and My code is not working im trying to make it so when the ball touches level_change (a empty game object) level 2 lodads Im geting “self” is not a member of unity.touch and can not convert UnityEngien.Qutianian to unityEngien.Transform so here is my code :
var bullet : Transform;
var self : Transform;
self = Quaternion.identity;

function update (){

if (Touch.self){


you can’t do
self : transform
and self = quaternion identity.

you have to look on the quaternion identity page:

 transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity;

it’s a rotation parameter, not a transform parameter. so that’s teh error message.

it’s recommended that you format your question code properly, and copy the error message text to clipboard from the bottom of the debug log when you highlight it to get it faster than typing it and paste it on question.

Also, Update needs the capital “U”.