Please help me !!!!!!

I want to show an image on the internet in my image object, but this is not a single image, so it will be a database connection or something. No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find it. I’ve been in and out of at least 100 websites because of this issue. Please help me how can I show an image on the web that I copied the link to in my image object. (A few ways I’ve found have come close to being successful, but this time a huge red question mark appeared on my image object). Please help me…

Learn to post.

Fisrt class: Your title must explain your problem. “Please help me” is the most useless possible tittle. Every post here is for asking help.

MAke another post, explain your problem, give information, use websites to upload screenshots, explain what you wnt to achieve and what problem do you have.

How can I show an image I bought from the internet in my unity image object?