Please Help Out a Teen Newbie

First off I’m a teen looking to enter the game making industry. I don’t have any programming experience, but i hope someone is considerate and answers some questions for me.
1a. I want to know which programming language to learn. (I plan on using Unity 3d, so the language needs to be compatible)
2. I need to know what other programs i would need to pull this off. (I would like to be using professional programs if possible, but i can’t buy anything so they also have to be freeware)
3. What type of libraries would i need. (I’m not even sure if this is a valid question)
4. Will blender work with Unity 3d.
5. What are some good tutorials to help me along the way.
6. What are some good projects to help me learn the ropes.
1b.I need to know which programming language is the one to learn.

  1. Unity currently directly supports 3 Programing languages: JavaScript, C# and a modified version of Python called Boo. If you want to learn programing quickly and easily, try learning
[1] or [java][2] (java is very similar to C#). If you want to learn how the computer works inside and out, try learning C++ or C#. You can also try learning JavaScript if you feel like it, but my experience has been you are better off learning JavaScript as a second or third language.

2) At least a 3d modeling program (such as [blender][3]) and an image editing program (such as [gimp][4])

3) I Don't think this is a valid question either :|

4) Yes. It does work with Unity (last I checked).

5) There are a lot of tutorials in the [Unity support][5] section

6) The 3d platformer tutorial (see 5) is easily the best way I know of to learn the ropes of Unity in a low risk environment.

  1. I’d learn Java the first, since it’s the simplest to understand, in my opnion

  2. At least some 3D modelling software, you’re already interested in Blender, so that’s good. 3DS max is also a beast… I’d get photoshop with that as well.

  3. You’ll need some audio effects librariesm texture libraries and motion capture libraries.

  4. Yes Blender works fine with Unity.

  5. Youtube! :wink: Tornado Twins have good ones, and I find it always nice to have people talk me through stuff to start off, then to read it. After that, check th tutorial projects that are on the Unity website

  1. Those Unity tutorials are good starting points. You can also cannibalize them for your first scripts and assets!

I think most people will give these kind of answers though, as you see, it’s pretty much the same :slight_smile: Good luck!