please help...please. please.plz

Hi, I’ve installed the program, but the characters are written into the program files and folders are not shown? please help,. Thank you.[11478-new+bitmap+image+copy.jpg|11478]

latest graphics drivers. Reinstall the font subsystem whatever it is. probable causes for the faults are-very old version of Windows, cracked version of unity, the font that unity uses is badly registered, there is a bad copy, check antivirus, etc. can you think of a program that you installed that could do that?

I solove this problem :
the fonts crashed.
for solove this problem should you copy all fonts from your " C:\WINXP\Fonts " folder to
" C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Unity Projects\4-0_AngryBots\Assets\Fonts "
enjoy from program…