Please Help! Scene Lighting has Bugged Out and Colors are Not Showing Correctly Anymore

Hi please help! My scene has gone into this weird dark lighting and it’s void of any color. All I did was create a new Shader Graph file that I was going to work on making a Water Effect shader. And then this all happened. I didn’t touch any of the Graphics Settings or Lighting. And I’ve tried restarting the Scene/Project and it just keeps on showing this now.

I’m running a HDR scene and this scene should actually be yellow and light-orange lighting/glow. Now it’s just black and purple. I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened.

Well I figured it out - sort of. I basically removed/uninstalled High Definition Render and Shader Graph package and reinstalled them and it worked!

I still have no idea what happened because I literally just created a new Shader Graph script and then the entire scene broke. But regardless I have it working and looking right now.