Please help - Several Unity/visual studio errors encountered,Several Unity errors encountered - please help


i am a new to unity and c#, and intend to begin intensive studying. I will try to keep this short but i am a complete beginner to this and really would very very much appreciate some guidance here.

I am trying to follow along and practice alongside videos from tutors online. I have stumbled across a host of problems since then.

one being 'the type or namespace ‘Monobehaviour’ could not be found. the using utilityengine line is at the top.
also upon loading visual studios It states ‘you can start visual without these extensions, but functionality they provide will be missing’ - error while evaluating condition ‘monodroidinstalled’.

There are also several other problems that i will leave out for the sake of brevity .

i have reinstalled several times.

Please help me out here.

Sounds like a corrupted installation.
I would completely uninstall Unity, making sure Visual Studio goes too. Any apps still installed that you think might be related - remove them too.
Reboot your machine (Windows / MAC?)
Then download and install the latest stable Unity.
If this doesn’t fix the problem, you have something else going on.

thank you for replying @KevRev ! even though i am a complete beginner. i instantly thought i had a corrupt install due to the error notification on my first run, but due to not knowing what i did wrong, jumped in anyway. problem is, i have re installed to no avail…but seems likely a corrupt install…any advice would make my day. thanks.