Please help to have a Game View running in multiple displays: one main display plus two external target displays.

We have unity running in windows computers equipped with NVIDiA video cards. Using the camera inspector property to select external target video display we have developed a scene that has three game view windows: 1) the main computer video display that shows the main camera game view 2) the two external target displays that each show the game view of camera one and camera 2.

When running the unity built version, the game uses three video displays ok.

The problem is that following exactly the same procedure to produce the built version in a second computer with one main video display and two external target displays: the game only uses one video display, the other two external target displays are ignored. Even when running the same game built version in one computer the game uses the three monitors, while in the second computer, the game only uses the main video display while ignoring the two external target video displays.

We checked both computers video display configuration and seems it the same. Please provide any help on how to use external target video displays.


Assuming you have 3 cameras, You can try to achieve this programatically. Try this:

  1. First add a script that activates the display(s).

    Camera cam2;

     	void OnEnable()

    //MainCamera is by default cam[0]. So dont worry about it
    cam2 = GameObject.Find (“Camera2”).GetComponent ();

     		if (Display.displays.Length > 1) 
     			if (!Display.displays [1].active) {
     				Display.displays [1].Activate ();
     				cam2.targetDisplay = 1;
     		if (Display.displays.Length > 2) 
     			Display.displays [2].Activate ();