PLEASE HELP. Unity deleted my entire project!

I need some MAJOR HELP. I recently upgraded to Unity 4.2.x so that I could test my game on the windows tablet, because I love that the windows tablet is compatible with Xbox 360 Controllers. After the install I went to work on my game only to find the PROJECT WAS DELETED. I searched in Finder to try and find the project anywhere and I came up short nothing, not even previous built versions, existed. I find this to be very unprofessional of Unity, so I am hoping anybody knows how to restore lost projects.

Please help,


This may be late advise for you, but ALWAYS make backup copies of your project. Especially when upgrading Unity because you never know when they will need to upgrade your files, making them incompatible with older builds, then you find something doesn’t work, you want to go back to earlier version, too late.
It’s possible that Unity did not delete it but it got moved or trashed some other way. In any case, I would first search your entire system (all drives) for the name of a file you know exists in your project like a script name. If it finds nothing, then don’t do anything except get a disk restore utility that will find and restore deleted files. Usually, deleted files are not really gone, just hidden. But at that point, they are available to the system to be over-written, so you should do this asap to recover as many files as you can.