Please help with iGUI button action? (Please help ASAP)

So I’m trying to create a game on trivia. I just bought the asset called iGUI and I know how to setup a panel with a text box and some buttons. I need to be able to click a button and for it to display whether or not they got the question wrong or right. if they got it right I want it to display correct or some text and then close out of that question box. If they got it wrong I want them to have 3 chances to get it right and if they don’t get it right after so many tries the game resets. Is there anyway someone could help me in the right direction? I really need to finish this game asap as it is an assignment.

A wide open question is less likely to get an answer on this list. You want to ask specific questions and only after you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself. For example start you might with how you will represent the question and answers. For multiple choice for each question you will need 1) the question 2) a list of fake an answers, and 3) the correct answer. How will you represent the information needed to ask a single question in code? How will you represent the set of all of your questions?

Step 2 might be to build a project that makes a single iGUI button do something…moves a game object a bit for example. I did a quick search and there are very few posts on this list have ‘iGUI’ in the text of the question, so getting help is less likely than asking questions about the build-in GUI class.