PLease Help

I am making a game with my friend and we half no idea how to Scrip i would like it if someone would give me a script where i could just basically swing a sword and add a health script with it. but if you just make a sword swing script that would be ok too. but if you do just make a basic swing a sword script don’t add health unless you make the health one to.

thank you,
a unity user:bradydevore

Looks like you’ll have to hire a programmer on this one.

Also ,I recommend you to learn scripting ,it’s not that hard and you can get hang of it in just few weeks. Asking others to script has always been an easy task to do but if you don’t script you’re not gonna learn anything new.I thought the same as you a month ago but now after watching some tutorials on scripting my desire to script has increased.

Scripting is really easy with user friendly unity3d.
PS: here’s a link to some great unity3d tutorials.