Please! How can i close a GUI-Wndows or Button in Javascript?

How can I via button click to close a GUI window. In other words, How can I make it with one click, you can close a GUI window.


Here is a little example on how `GUI.Window()` works and how you can close a window by simply not drawing it. Just add this script to an empty object to see it action.

var showWindow: boolean = true;

function OnGUI () {
    showWindow = GUI.Toggle (Rect (16, 16, 128, 24), showWindow, "Show My Window");

    if (showWindow) {
        GUI.Window (0, Rect (128, 64, 256, 128), MyWindow, "My Window");

function MyWindow (windowID : int) {
    GUI.Label(Rect (64, 32, 128, 24), "Hello, world!");
    if (GUI.Button (Rect (64, 64, 128, 24), "Close")) {
        showWindow = false;

If you go through the GUI Scripting Guide you'll have a better understanding on this matter.