Please playtest // D E L U S I O N A L - A 2D-Action-Platformer

Hi Guys,

I am trying the Lean Startup approach with Minimum Vialable Product and want to involve you in the development of Delusional - if you want to!

The gameplay is a challenging traditional 2D platformer. Story and soundtrack are a main focus. Story will be based on movies like Oldboy (Korean version). Nevertheless, we want the gameplay to be absolutely tight.

We are currently working on a small demo stage. A lot of SFX is still missing (the sounds that are there are just placeholders). Bossfight is also very buggy and not nearly finished. So please give a lot of feedback, say what bothers you, where the bugs are etc. At the moment you can only play with a Xbox controller.

Download current build:

Move - Left Analog Stick
Sprint - B Button (hold)
Slide - B button and down-forward
Jump - A Button
Wide jump - Sprint + A Button
Action - Y Button (When a blue exclamation mark appears over an opponent)

5425653--552093--1.jpg 5425653--552096--2.jpg 5425653--552099--3.jpg

For more info and newsletter (and an old teaser):


we've fine-tuned and corrected a few things. The first two floors should now - except for SFX - be almost finished. Please give us as much feedback as possible. Have fun!

New Build:

we listened to you, and we changed some things:

  • keyboard controls added
  • minor changes in the controller controls
  • improved jump mechanics

Let us know what you think!

New Build: