Please recommend a github repo for learning Unity

I found it a good way to learn something new via github's good project. I can check out from the first commit and check out next commit to see different.
but this method requires a repo with small granularity of commits and good descriptions. Google is your friend.

@zzm88104 I like your thought process, but I'm not sure how much luck you'll have with that strategy. For one, I don't know of any open-source Unity projects that would also be good learning resources. Second, if most game devs are anything like me and every developer I've worked with (including the Unity devs I currently manage), commits can be anywhere from a simple line change to thousands of lines across hundreds of files (in the case of generated code). So looking at the history of a specific file could tell you almost nothing, or it could tell you way more than you're looking for to be able to make sense of it.

Honestly, I think you're much better off looking at those tutorials where they build small yet complete projects that you follow along with. It's really not until you get to the point where you're having more trouble organizing your projects and finding scalable ways to introduce new systems and functionality that they start to become insufficient, and by then, it's likely you'll have developed your own preference and style anyway.

Keep at it, though! Find what works for you and keep moving!

@Schneider21 Thank you so much for your explanation and advice! I did search on google and github before. But like you said I did not find anything close to what I want. That's why I post this question. After heard what you said maybe it's better stop to continue looking for it.
I will take your advice to look at some small projects with tutorial. Thank you, Schneider!