please someone help. bullet impact effect is not showing up(smoke & sparks) but it's creating and destorying like in script

I followed YouTube tutorials for making fps shooter make muzzle flash with particle system in unity it worked but bullet impact effects not working

here is my script I made gameobject public and put my impact effect in that in scene view it is showing that when I hit bullet it creates that game object and also destroy it after 2 seconds like in script but that smoke and sparks are not appearing

- YouTube video link bullet impact effect how it looks

- YouTube video link what it’s not appering

You need to instantiate the object. You just created it and didnt use it.

From your video it looks like the collision is occurring and the object is being created, so you don’t have to worry about that at least.

You haven’t shown your code for the game object that is created, so I’m not certain but you should make sure it is playing the particle effect as it is created.

This is outside what you have asked, but I find it is better to have a single global particle effect object that is re-positioned at each impact location then played. This prevents you from creating and destroying so many game objects.