Please tell me how to make the camera for TPS in Chinemachine

I tried to create a TPS for the camera in the “Free Look”, but failed.
Tracking of the camera is delayed.
For this reason, it can not be an accurate aiming.
Since the camera moves more than necessary, the target does not fit in the center of the screen.

I want to be parallel to the camera in the X-axis movement of the player.
However, when the player moves to the left and right,

  1. The player moves parallel to the camera.

  2. The camera sees the player.

  3. The camera is rotated in the Y-axis.

  4. Players also rotates the Y-axis.

As a result, the player will move diagonally. It is not a parallel.
To resolve these two problems, what should I do?

▼This is a video of my project.

I entered in the four directions on the keyboard.

▼I want to make the same thing as this.

I’m sorry not to speak ENGLISH fluently. I am Japanese.

solved the problem.
X, Y and Z Damping → 0