Please Virus Check "Unity 3.3.0"installer.

Hi,once time I'm install "UnitySetup-3.3.0" run my PC. But My PC's Virus Securty software found "Win32.Troj.Obfuscated.ap.(kcloud)" in "THEBEAST.EXE".

"Win32.Troj.Obfuscated.ap.(kcloud)" it's safety? or danger?

The Beast probably refers to:

It's safe. Probably one of these:

You're good =).

Sounds bad m_tada, I'd suggest that you make sure you got the installer from the right place: Then scan for viruses on your PC, clean the system and then re-install Unity. I'm pretty sure the standard Unity install doesn't include a file called "THEBEAST.EXE".

Oops. Apparently I was wrong. Who knew?

I got the latest Unity build and I got Nishta.exe
Its a cmd file and I stopped the installation and it opened random files and I couldnt scan for 10mins!!!