Plug in value of variable between two bits of text on ui text element through code?

i need it so that, for example, if my volume is at 0, itll say:

Volume: 0% (Muted)

except the text is split in two by the 0 because its the variable! how do i make this work?

YourTextComponent.text = string.Format(“Volume: {0}{1}”, audio.Volume, audio.Volume == 0 ? " (Muted)" : “”);

string.Format will replace {int} (replace the int by the number you want) by the string value of the parameter you will putt as an argument to the function.

So in this example {0} is replaced by the first value which is audio.Volume.

{1} is replaced by the second one : audio.Volume == 0 ? " (Muted)" : “”

So " (Muted)" if volume == 0, “” else