plugging animation into Unity

I am new to Unity and I am having some issues that I was hopping someone could help me with. I have been going through some of the tutorials and I can not find any good training that gives a step by step on how to plug animations into a character.

I built a simple robot in maya that is just FK with no joints. I animated several different actions in one scene and exported an FBX for Unity.

I imported the FBX in Unity, dropped the Game Object in the scene and I added the Character Controller, Third Person Controller and Third Person Camera.

Next I opened the FBXImported and started cutting up and naming the animations so I could plug the different animations into my game object. One question I have is with this step. In my Maya animation one of my sequences goes from frame 1 - 81 but when I cut it up in Unity the same sequence spans from 1 - 100...Why is this, and can I fix it so the two match up better so I don't have to waist time finding the start and end to each animation clip?

So my first animation sequence is a start up one where my robot unfolds and then the next one is a wheel rotation. I open up the Animation tab in my robot game object and I only get an animation to activate if I plug a clip in the animation(not animations) insert. This is where I get lost. I don't know how to connect things after that. If I drop clips in the Animations I get nothing. If I drop a clip in the Walk section of the Third person controller I get nothing.

I just don't know the order and places that these things need to be connected. I know this is a lot to ask but can someone help me out? Please

Default Maya fps is 24 (film), so change that to NTSC (30fps) and that will give you the same frame #'s as Unity reads them.

There is another way to work with animations that is easier where you store the animations individually in a separate file and reference them with the @ symbol. So you would save them into your unity projet's assets folder as




and Unity will automatically split them up into separate animationClips without having to worry about doing it yourself manually.

As far as your scripting question, ThirdPersonController was designed as an entry point to implementing your own game logic, it's not going to be able to know which order to play the animations you came up with, you need to script that yourself.

Check out basic scripting tutorials, specifically the Animation component and CrossFading / Blending animations together.

First of all, Thank you very much for answering my questions so quickly. But I am going to say that is kind of dumb. I am not a script person at all. It would be nice to have more of an interactive interface so us creative/no script people can do this too.