Plugin 'WebSocket.jslib' is used from several locations:

I know the error is self explanitory, but when I remove one of them it causes the game to crash.
It exists in two instances;

  1. When the menu loads
  2. When the game loads.

If I delete 1, It crashes on load. If I delete 2, it crashes when the game loads.

I need them both.
I somehow managed to build the project with both of them (and same plugin settings) and it worked fine. When I restarted unity that’s when the error came back, and it is stopping me from building my project.


Plugin 'WebSocket.jslib' is used from several locations:
 Assets/Photon/PhotonLibs/WebSocket/WebSocket.jslib would be copied to <PluginPath>/WebSocket.jslib
 Assets/WalletConnectUnity/Scripts/WalletConnectSharp.Unity/Network/Client/WebSocket.jslib would be copied to <PluginPath>/WebSocket.jslib
Please fix plugin settings and try again.

UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

@grandwizordlol You should try renaming the websocket.cs and websocket.jslib in one instance. But the files should have the same name. I came across this problem when I was working on a project with photon and metaverse. They both have the websocket.jslib files and they were conflicting. I sloved the problem by renaming the one the file.