Plugins being forced to Native even though they are managed

I have a project working fine on one Mac that I am trying to get working on a different Mac. I pull the git repo down and when I open it in unity a few of the plugins are set to Native even though they are managed. I have been searching for any way to change this and can’t figure out how to get these imported the same way they are on the other Mac that runs everything fine. I am using unity 5.6.1 on both machines and they are both running the same version of OS X. I have tried importing this project fresh about 5 times and it’s always the same result.

Is there any way to change a plugin type?

You could try exporting all the Assets from within Unity as a .unitypackage, and then import that into the second machine. I don’t know if this will help you, but following this procedure has helped me solve several configuration issues while moving a project from one machine to another.

Maybe it’s worth a try.