"Plugins" folder inside a Unity package. Does it have to be on the root folder or not?

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As a part of a refactoring I am making some tools as an external unity package. I am using some external dll to communicate with a device.

Can I put a "Plugins" folder into a Unity package? Does the Plugins folder need to be at the root of the package or can it be anywhere?

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It is quite a few years since we moved away from predefined directories to Plugin Importer. Plugins can be placed anywhere in the project, however, the original directories do play role in default import settings, so if you place plugins elsewhere, you probably want to have .meta files along them and make sure your plugins have correct settings.

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Hi @Aurimas-Cernius ,

Thank you very much for the swift reply. So I assume that as long I commit properly the meta files to the project then I should be fine.

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