Plugins in a Web Player

Hi guys,

I was trying to add plugins to a web based player and according to the unity manual. It says that plugins disabled when building a Web Player for security reasons. Is there any work around for this? I have an external game controller and I want to use that in my web based game. I would like to know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Deepak.

No, there is no way around it - if we allowed people to run arbitrary code in the web player, they could implement any kind of malicious code using the web player, so we cannot allow it. What is the controller you need to support?

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your reply. We have designed our own controller which is interfaced as USB HID device. Hence we need to read the HID report data from USB to play the game...And since Unity does support the USB library, we have to use a C# code which is a USB HID library to open the HID port, read data, pass to Unity...and such a C# project code has to be made into a plugin...

for this case, any way we could do it...we do want to publish our game into browser

Jonas, is there any chance of having the Web Player do what Adobe Flash does with the Microphone or the iPhone does with GPS readings, that is, give the user a popup whether they want to allow access to the USB device?