.png file too large for unity?

Twice now i have tried to import graphics into unity and it has come up with:

"Could not create texture from ‘file path’ file could not be read.

Several other graphics have worked fine, these 2 particular files are quite large, is it because they are too large for unity? If so what is that cap that will work? And is it a resolution issue or a memory issue (200cm with high pixel count, or 38mb)?

Thanks for your help.

Right… so, the dimensions of that image are 23,622 x 23,622 pixels. Uncompressed, it occupies 5.8Gb of memory. You are not going to be able to use that file in any sort of game on any system. I normally aim for an absolute maximum texture size of 4096x4096, but even that’s pushing it on older hardware - 1024x1024 is plenty for most purposes.

If you explain what you’re trying to use the texture for, we might be able to suggest better alternatives.

You can always put more then one camera - one for deep space and one for “the action”

Here is platformer tutorial:


Part 19 - 22

And there you have more then one camera for background, GUI, etc. It should be in some weird way similar. :wink:

I am facing issue, the file size is 34 mb on disk , loading it in photoshop makes it occupy more then 1 gb space in memory, does that mean unity uncompressess the file before importing it, i need to use exact same texture, how do i go about it?