PNG sprite is pixelated

My sprite looks really pixelated in the game, it is the same when I run the game on android.


This is the default png file that I’m using and as you see it is smoother.

I tried changing everything 1 by 1 in the sprite settings to see if something would change, and it only gets a bit smoother but very, very blurry when I set the Max Size to 32 in the import settings of the sprite. I disabled the “Compress assets on import” in the preferences menu.

I tried using a bigger resolution of the circle like the one below, and it still would not be smooth… I really want it to be smooth like the one right here:
alt text

Does it need to be as a sprite? I’ve experienced this, and solved by importing it as a transparent texture.

check your import settings, select your sprite in project window and look inspector
try changing filter mode here :

if changing filter mode does not work for you, try to change compression to none (not suggested usualy)