POCO parameter crashes host

I have this POCO definition in my code:

    public class Description {
        public Description() {
            Role = Roles.OneOnOne;
            Commitment = Commitments.Balanced;
            Speed = 20;
        public Description (Roles role, Commitments commitment, float speed) {
            Role = role;
            Commitment = commitment;
            Speed = speed;
        public Roles Role;
        public Commitments Commitment;
        public float Speed;

And I have this Command definition:

[Command]public void CmdSpawnContender (Contender.Description description) {

When I call the command from a client, however, my host crashes silently, not even a bug reporter window. Anyone have any idea why this would happen?

you cant use a class like that in a command. you can use basic types, structs, and most unity types.

if it just crashes though, that would be a bug.

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Struct fixed it, thanks.