Point filtering mode for shadow texture

I’m working on a retro low resolution shooter, and shadows keep bugging me. Even on the highest settings hard shadow edges look blurry. They look fine in full resolution, but not in low res.

So I assume that shadow textures have something like Bicubic filtering on them. And I need to switch it to Point.

All I find is that it is impossible to do so. They must be talking about something else, it can’t be that hard…

Just to be clear, I don’t mind that shadow is low quality and pixelated, I just want the pixels to be crisp.

I could not find a solution online, so I’ll post my own.
There Is a bool m_ForceShadowPointSampling in com.unity.render-pipelines.universal\Runtime\ShadowUtil.cs.

Changes to that file are discarded every time I close the editor, so I had to copy the whole package from Library to Packages folder.