Point Filtering, Orthographic, Object Jittering

Hey there, so I’m currently working on a game that is designed to be pixel art, it is kind of an old school Zelda:Link To The Past style adventure game. I’m using ex2d for my sprites and animations, setting them to pixel perfect with an orthographic camera set to half my desired resolution, right now being iPhone so 320. I’ve been trying to use point filtering for my atlases to keep my pixel art looking crisp (also trying to get away with more complex animation with smaller texture sizes) However I’m having a problem where all of my objects on screen jitter about when the camera is following the player. I’ve tried looking up things on people with the same issue and haven’t had any luck with any of their solutions. Changing the filter mode to bilinar helps with the jitter but doesn’t remove it completely and also makes the pixel art look like crud. I’ve tried setting everything on a whole number with no luck either. I’m kind of out of ideas here…

I’m afraid the jittering is unavoidable due to how point filter on texture works. Point filter means there’s no blending/tweening when you scale or move the texture. Imagine there’s no in-between states when one pixel in your texture need to move itself one pixel to the side. That’s how jitter happens.

I would recommend you reduce the size of your moving view. Add static frame around the game view to make the view smaller than full screen. It will not remove the jittering but at least can make it less noticable.

Go for bilinear filter is also viable and I believe is used by many games with pixel art. You may need to tweak your pixel art style a bit so the blurry is not that obvious.