Point Graph Path Finding

I am making a board game type game. It has spots that the user will place their piece and move along those spots. The player starts on the start spot and then rolls the dice. I need to be able to high light all of the spots that they can move on and then I want to animate the player’s piece moving onto each spot.

I do not have Unity Pro, so I can’t use the Path Finding stuff. I don’t think it will work anyway.

I have downloaded and played around with Aron Granburg’s component. It is really cool, but I can’t figure out how to use it like I want. It seems to be more for finding a path around obstacles and not what I want to do. When I call the StartPath method I get a path directly to the final spot. This is because there are not any obstacles between the player’s start position and the final spot.

I need something that will give back a list of the spots I need to go to so I can first high light them and then I will move the player’s piece one spot at a time.

What can I use to do this?

Take a look at Dijkstra’s algorithm. This can give you the shortest path and you can limit the maximum length of the path depending of how far the player can move.