(point)Light goes through objects

It’s like this problem: Light goes Through Terrain. Help? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

But I’ll explain a bit more…

I have in the middle of my level an sphere. (I rotate this sphere (Deltatime))
This sphere has an point light added as a child with an very big range (so it actually simulates the sun).

My problem is… when it’s “night” (the sun is UNDER the level), everything gets lit from beneath… so the light penetrates every object…

The answer in that topic said something about realtime shadows in the pro version, Where do I find this or use this (I got the pro version) as i’m making an minecraft clone (To test my coding skills) and every block gets lit from beneath or sides when the sun is setting or down… (even while in an closed chamber)


the lights have cast shadows enabled and i tried both hard and soft shadows also tried all 3 the rendering modes, forward, deferred and vertex, also every object has cast and receive shadows enabled… nothing helped so far

A solution is to not use point lights, or maybe just changing the lights intensity.


var light: light;
var x = false;
function Update() { 
     light.intensity = 0;
     light.intensity = 1;

A little something like that if I’m sure.