Point light hard shadows not working

I know that this question has been asked many times, but none of the solutions worked for me. First, I am using unity pro 4.5. I have a decent PC i5-2400, Radeon HD6700, 8GB RAM. I’m making a simple dungeon game and I have a problem with Point-lights. I use them on torches as a light source, but instead on just lighting the room their in, the light goes through the floor and lights the room below as well.
alt text

I have tried changing my render settings from Forward to Deffered Lightning, but no difference (yes I did build the level). I also did set the shadow on the lights to hard shardow (soft too), but netiher worked. What am I missing?

The light source doesn’t know where a barrier that behind them not to shine. In Forward rendering path, only the brightest directional light can cast shadows. Only in Deferred Rendering point light cast shadows. But, in your case, try change radius and intensity point light. I hope that it will help you.