Point light only illuminating the edges of cuboids


Hi guys,
I’m new to Unity, so I just started following a tutorial youtube (7. Unity Tutorial, COLLECTIBLES - MAKE A GAME - YouTube ) but somehow the point light lighting is working weirdly. As you can see in the attached photos, although only thing I did between taking these two photos was translating it from left to right, the lighting effects on the ground (or cuboid) below are different. So could you please give me some suggestions on how I could fix this? Thank you in advance.

NOTE: the result I would like to achieve is the same lighting effect from the 2nd photo when the point light is placed as in the 1st photo.

Also, in addition to sunnys answers, check under project quality setting and make sure your pixel light count is >4 and in multiples of 4, especially with AMD cards. I had a VERy similar issue, which was tied to pixelLIghtCount.