Point light ring artifacts

Hey all,

I noticed for some of my point lights (not all), if close enough to a wall, they create this ring-like artifacts. Now, I know this type of thing is a common issue, but it is very pronounced for certain object’s textures and almost completely unnoticeable in others.

Here’s an example:
alt text

Compared to this, which looks great.
alt text

I’m using Deferred Rendering and this happens with or without shadows turned on. I use either spec diffuse or diffuse for most materials, but this happens for either of those shader types.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Try to turn HDR on.

UP: I have the same problem. Use HDR, or rendering path: deffered eliminates artifacts but turn off aa and edges looks terrible. Add component Antialiasing dont change really nothing…

I cannot bake scene, becouse lights are dynamic.

Any suggestions, propositions?