Point lights break dynamic batching even when using Unlit

Hi !

I think I start to understand how dynamic batching works in unity, but there is still a point that I don’t get :

In my scene, I have simple meshes (cubes, so really below the vertexCount limit), they all share the same unlit material.

Everything was fine and batching untill I added point lights to my scene.

I know, point lights can cause multi pass draw and therefore break batching. But in my case, the material is unlit… So it should just not care about lights of any type…

My guess is that even if the material is unlit, it still behaves the same way as lit materials.

Having a material set to unlit would be an efficient way of ensuring dynamic batching eligibility, so I’m wondering if there is a flag or property that I missed as this seems like such a good way to make this whole dynamic batching a hell of a lot simpler !

Does anyone knows of a way to have unlit materials batching no matter the surrounding lighting ?
If not, don’t you think this could be an helpful addition to future builds ?

Late Late answer …

But for people having this problem.
Use the culling Mask of the lights to exclude the unlit materials
and they will batch !