Pointer completely not detected

I am working on inventory system for my 2D game. It worked smoothly until suddenly my pointer stopped being detected.

The several methods that depends on event trigger: OnPointerClick, OnPointerExit, OnPointerDown, OnPointerExit - all stop working.

  • I wrote Debug in the attached script method and they were all not triggered.

  • Then I tried to create new gameobjects under other gameobject parents but they still not working.

  • I also create button component to make sure the problem is not limited to event trigger - and it also did not work.

There I drew a conclusion that the game panel in Unity is not detecting my pointer.

What could be wrong then and how could I solve it?

The question is solved. I accidentally delete the event system without knowing its importance. Also the graphic raycaster component was deleted from the ui button, which I did not notice when it happened (probably they were automatically deleted when I delete the event system?). Anyways, after adding them, the ui buttons return back to normal — a mistake caused by not familiar with the basic values of event system, learned a lot from this bug.