Polybrush wont work on Probuilder objects.

When I use the polybrush on a probuilder object, the screen seems to freeze for a moment followed by the mesh disappearing, though the mesh collider seems in tact.

Id like to use both of these tools together. It seems everyone has figured this out. This happened the last project I was on as well when I tried to implement these two on the same project.

I dont really have an image to show because its…well…nothing.

Polybrush IS working on imported models from Blender.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I have a temporary solution. I say temporary because I dont want to continue using probuilder if I have to either use flat-looking objects in nature or go through third party programs just to find out that now I cant make changes to the new mesh at all.

Worth noting that I havent been able to find a way to export a mesh from probuilder that will actually open in blender(even when using the fbx exporter package). So I dont really like my solution at all.

  1. Make your mesh in probuilder. Tweak it and do whatever you need. You wont be able to touch it again without redoing all polybrush changes.
  2. In probuilder, click the export button. Use the settings for an obj(no fbx option even though unity wont let me use the obj created this way?!?!)
  3. Open the obj file in microsoft 3d paint.
  4. Save the file as an fbx without doing anything at all.
  5. Reimport into unity. Now your polybrush works. But probuilder wont touch this object anymore.

Note on this process: Might be worth it to just fully create your scene in blender or another program. Probuilder is suppose to speed things up but this is a huge process and when all is said and done I STILL cant even open the fbx saved by 3d Paint in Blender. I cant seem to get probuilder and polybrush to play together so Ill likely not be using them for more than test scenarios until these scenarios are replaced by much more detailed 3d models from another program.

Good luck making hills on a grassy plain I guess…

This still seems to be an issue as of Unity 2022.2.9 with Probuilder 5.0.7 and Polybrush 1.1.4. I was able to work around the issue by checking the “Use Additional Vertex Streams” option in Preferences > Polybrush. It still acts like it’s going to break momentarily but then snaps into working when I start painting.