PolySpatial 0.3.3 + Recommended AR Foundation Version

What version of AR Foundation should we be using with PolySpatial 0.3.3?
I’ve been on 5.1.0-pre.2 and wondering if I should update to 5.1.0-pre.10 or any other version.

I’m seeing the 0.3.3 template project includes AR Foundation 5.0.7 in the Package Manager manifest. I assume this is the recommended version to use?

Sorry for all these bizarre questions. I’m porting a multi-platform game that supported ARKit, PCVR, MagicLeap… So this is a bit of Package Manager Roulette here.

OK, now I see in the visionOS Template doc that we are to use AR Foundation 5.1.0 and a whole bunch of other recommended packages which differ from the actual template package.

Could someone please cleanup the docs and visionOS Template so they are in sync? I’m so confused.

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Hey Elliott,

Thanks! we will look into this I will be creating a ticket for this; thanks!