PolySpatial Hover Effect for 3D objects

Firstly, can the hover effect of 3D objects be achieved through PolySpatial HoverEffect component? For example, there is a cube in the scene, it will trigger the hover effect when I look at it.
Secondly,can I get the event that I’m looking at an 3D object? For example, when I look at a 3D cube , I can get an event and then I activate the HighlightPlus plugin of the object to achieve highlighting effect.
Please help me evaluate the feasibility of these two ideas above.

Yes, see the VisionOSHoverEffect.cs Hover Effects | PolySpatial visionOS | 1.1.6

The Manipulation example in the Samples. You can just subscribe to PieceSelectionBehaviour using a ManipulationInputManager

Yes, provided it has (as the documentation describes) a Collider, a MeshRenderer, and the VisionOSHoverEffect component.

Unfortunately, no. This is a limitation imposed by Apple; they do not provide events to indicate that the user is looking at a particular object. If you’re interested in support for such events, I would suggest letting them know via their Feedback Assistant app.

Firstly,I want to know how VisionOSHoverEffect component works. What role did it play in achieving the hover effect?
Secondly,when I look at an 3D object, it will have a highlight effect. Is this effect achieved by changing the material of the object ? Can I get the status of an object being looked at by listening to material changes?
Is there any other way to get the status of an object being looked at?
Sincerely hope to get your more detailed reply,thanks.

It’s a direct proxy to RealityKit’s HoverEffectComponent.

Yes, but not the Unity material. The effect is supplied by RealityKit (added to whatever UnlitMaterial/PhysicallyBasedMaterial/ShaderGraphMaterial is used), and is not something we have direct control over (apart from adding the component).

There is not. Feel free to submit a request for this functionality to Apple via their Feedback Assistant.