PolySpatial Missing Render Batch

When running an Unbounded MR application in the editor and in the simulator, part of my test character is not being rendered and I am having trouble figuring out why.

Looking at the frame debugger in the editor I can see the main camera render working as it should with the face of my character rendered in one batch.

However, when I look at the PolySpatial main camera mirror render the SRP batch for the face is completely missing.

I found that in the editor if I disable and re-enable the Mesh Renderer for the face or change the rendering layer mask then the face begins to render on the PolySpatial mirror side.

How can I further troubleshoot and resolve this issue?

Hello! Thanks for the feedback. Would it be possible to provide a test project that reproduces this behavior?

Alternately, or in addition, is there anything different about how the face is created/updated as compared to the other parts? Is it using a mesh generated or updated at run time, for instance?

One useful tool for debugging in play mode is to compare the original scene graph to the mirror scene graph. When running, you should see “Debug Poly Spatial Game Object Link” components that reference the mirrored objects. It would be interesting to verify that the face’s GameObject is mirrored correctly.