PolySpatial Video Component and Immersive Mode

Is there a way to enable immersive mode for the MV-HEVC playback in unity?

Hi @ina

Do you mean “fully immersive” as in VR? Or do you mean an immersive MR experience? If the former, then no, we don’t support MV_HEVC for VR yet. But to do the latter, you can set up your MR app, set your Volume Camera to “Unbounded” mode, and drop in a VisionOSVideoComponent. Then, you can populate your scene with whatever content you’d like, including a skybox or other imposters to make the experience more immersive.

Hope that helps!


I agree that the terminology gets confusing! I meant “immersive mode” - like in the sub-menu button on the spatial video on the photos app on device.