PolySpatial visionOS package(s) not available anymore

After opening Unity this morning I found out that I am no longer able to download the packages and samples.

I have confirmed that I still have a vision os seat attached to my Unity account, however, whenever I open the package manager I am shown the message as seen in the screenshot below:

I’ve also created a new project and when I add the packages there I get a licensing issue:

[Package Manager] The following packages were not registered because your license doesn't allow it.

Is there anyway to fix this?


I did just notice that I no longer have the vision os license whenever I check my licenses directly in Unity hub. I think that might be the issue.

ETA 2:

It seems to be fixed now. The license was assigned to me through the company I work for, but I redeemed it on my “personal” organization.

I’m having the same issues and found this post by searching for the same error description.

Try checking if you have a vision os license assigned to you through Unity Hub. That’s where it showed that I didn’t have one assigned to me. I fixed it by redeeming the code for it again and then assigning it to my “personal” organization.

Update: this only worked for one day, I have lost access again.

Every day I get this issue. I have to remove all my Unity licences, reactivate them in Hub, and the refresh to get the AVP Beta licence back again… Painfull…

Yeah… I have the same thing. I don’t have it every day, but I do have it often

Has anyone found a sustainable fix to this? I am experiencing the same issue, and have not found a way to make the package licenses appear in Unity hub even after signing out, removing and re-adding licenses…

EDIT: I managed to make it work by removing the Activation of the AppleVisionOSBeta Entitlement in Unity ID → My Seats. This caused it to be immediately reactivated and appear in Hub.

This happens whenever I switch network on my Mac (from office to home and vice versa), causing it to rename the computer. When that happens, I lose the license. I have to remove the activation and then refresh licenses in Unity Hub on the new network. I haven’t looked into why the Mac is renamed, but I think it’s because another Mac at home has the same name on the network.

Hey, yeah I have actually, at least I think I have. I now go into “My Seats”, delete all PolySpatial activations then refresh Unity Hub. Even though I’m only working across two computers, it seems as though my IP address changing from working from the office to home or vise-versa might be a trigger.

Is there any update / fix on this? I can’t get the visionOS Beta license to show up at all in the hub, only the pro license. Is there anything special that needs to happen on first sign up? I did assign it to the respective account but there is no serial to activate it with, correct?