Pong game: How to make the stick affect ball's speed and direction?

So I am about to create a simple Pong game. Trying to utilize some nice new 2D features
The thing is, whenever the ball hits the stick/platform, the stick effects the ball as a wall would, no matter how fast the stick was moving, where did the ball hit the stick etc.

I know it’s not that hard to do with a bit of code, but I just wanted to know if there is some kind of way to make it more realistic using physics, to add up the vertical speed of the stick with ball etc, but it doesn’t work like that, would like to know if it’s possible or I am doing something wrong

Thanks in advance

  1. try to ajust physics material and just rely on builtin physics. increase friction in all directions for stick and ball, it should cause ball to change bounce angle and to start rotate when hit with fast moving stick (and rotation would cause ball to bounce with different angle on next hit). set friction to very large first to check if this affects ball behaviour the way you want.
  2. or learn the ping-pong ball physics and implement it yourself. this way you could make it change trajectory when rotating because of air resistance (e.g. to simulate topspins), that is not possible with pure builtin unity physics system.
  3. or you could combine thees two approaches: use builtin physics for bouncing (including change of bouncing angle because of spin), and add additional force by yourself to simulate air resistance.