Poor lightmap quality in different UNITY project

Hi guys,
I would like to ask about my lighting issue. I have project with house, where I have baked lightmaps. I wanted to take my scene a move it to my friend’s project. Unfortunately, after import unitypackage with whole scene, of course with contain of lightmaps a problem has appear. When you take a closer look to my attachements, you can clearly see bad quality lighning on the wall in the middle. Lightmaps are bad everywhere. Also is strange, that skybox with HDRI texture has bad quality too. Probably is unity editor set up wrong way.
Thank you for your respond


So, after some testing I finally found issue what is responsible for this. In friend’s project is in Build settings platform switched to Android. When I switch it back to PC, Mac & Linux Standalone, everything is Ok, no more problems with this. unfortunately, when I switch project build platform to Android. Lightmaps ghost has appear again. Do you have any idea, how to fix this? Perhaps, it is because of some kind comprimation method.