Poor timeline sync with non-timeline-clip recorder

Poor timeline sync with non-timeline-clip recorder, especially when using DSP Clock time source.
This is the testing setup:
A cube pops up when an impact plays.

It was recommended to use DSP clock as timeline source for the best sync between audio and visuals. So is it in the game view. But when recorded, the recorder is much off-sync. The initial 0.5 seconds are almost completely dropped. See the attachment for the video.

Using a clip in the timeline is good for sync. However, a bunch of features like accumulation and variable FPS aren't available there.

Also, as for some background I am mainly using recorder to produce CG animation. I use a timeline-centric workflow. I would prefer having all features available in the timeline clip. It seems that code in the recorder package explicitly disabled those features by adding a flag whether the GUI call is from the recorder window, and I don't quite understand why.

Thanks in advance.

8825230--1201474--recorder_rec_002.zip (963 KB)

Hi eliphat,

I am investigating the DSP/recorder problem to confirm whether it is a known issue or a new one and will let you know.

In the meantime, I just wanted to confirm that accumulation in Timeline Recorder Clips is available for recorder v4.0.0. Variable FPS is indeed not available in Timeline Recorder Clips, but thanks for pointing it out. I am taking note of this request.

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Hi rooose,
I think I am already using 4.0.0 preview 2, and accumulation is not available in timeline.

Hi again! So the bug you encounter seems to be a new one. Would you be able to file a bug report? (see this page for the steps) This will give us more information and will make it easier to investigate.

As for the accumulation, it was introduced in v4.0.0-pre-3 (see CHANGELOG), so that might be why you don’t have it! You can check if there is an update available via the Package Manager, or you might need to upgrade your Unity Editor to 2022.1.