Populate UI Text with appropriate Network View

How would I initiate/change a local UI Text (or any) Element with a value from a Network-Instantiated prefab?

My basic setup is as follows, without any effect:

  • Camera
  • UiElement

Connection is established using MasterServer (Unity) - participants and visual effects are cloned from prefabs like so:

Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, new Vector3(... etc.

state synchronization works properly as well.

The UI element has the following script attached to identify the value source:

public GameObject Player; //this is the player prefab
public Text energyDisplay; //this is the Text field inside the 

void FixedUpdate () {
		energyDisplay.text = Player.GetComponent<PlayerStats>().energy.ToString();

Debug of “energyDisplay.text” as well as " Player.GetComponent().energy.ToString();" shows the correct value - however the text field does not change…

I also tried to instantiate a copy of the UI for each individual participant - check ownership and populate, but the result was just the same as above.

What am I doing wrong?

Since it is YOUR “energy” then only YOU should see it right? Why not just attach this script to the player and just use GetComponent. It will take a bit less to do.