Popup window - Dropdown menu

Hey Everyone, I want to make a Popup window, which is actually a Dropdown menu. I've tried taking this script and alsoo adding to it a static function List because it didn't have, really wierd, WikiCode@Eric5h5, The script shows no errors at the console, Why doesn't it create a button called "Click Me!" ? Everything looks good. Also, if u've any other resources about Popup,please reply with them.

private var showList = false;
private var listEntry = 0;
private var list : GUIContent[];
private var listStyle : GUIStyle;
private var picked = false;

static function List (position : Rect, showList : boolean,listEntry : int, buttonContent : GUIContent, listContent : GUIContent[], listStyle : GUIStyle) : boolean{

function Start () {

    // Make some content for the popup list
    list = new GUIContent[5];
    list[0] = new GUIContent("Foo");
    list[1] = new GUIContent("Bar");
    list[2] = new GUIContent("Thing1");
    list[3] = new GUIContent("Thing2");
    list[4] = new GUIContent("Thing3");

    // Make a GUIStyle that has a solid white hover/onHover background to indicate highlighted items
    listStyle = new GUIStyle();
    listStyle.normal.textColor = Color.white;
    var tex = new Texture2D(2, 2);
    listStyle.hover.background = tex;
    listStyle.onHover.background = tex;
    listStyle.padding.left = listStyle.padding.right = listStyle.padding.top = listStyle.padding.bottom = 4;

function OnGUI () {

    if (Popup.List (Rect(50, 50, 100, 20), showList, listEntry, GUIContent("Click me!"), list, listStyle)) {
        picked = true;
    if (picked) {
        GUI.Label (Rect(50, 70, 400, 20), "You picked " + list[listEntry].text + "!");

    GUI.Box( Rect(40,25,700,40), "");
    GUI.Button( Rect(50,32.5,75,25),"Filer");
    GUI.Button( Rect(150,32.5,75,25),"Rapport");
    GUI.Button( Rect(250,32.5,75,25),"Help");


You're using your own function instead of the one on the wiki perhaps?

The fact you have your own, empty static List function at the top of the file means it's probably using that if you've named your js file Popup

If so - rename the file, and it should find the c# one (assuming you put it in one of the earlier compilation pass folders like Plugins)