Portal a-like teleportation

I just wanna ask if the user wants to teleport wherever he wants, and first he points at the location and interacts with the trigger, and after that, he doesn’t teleport there at the moment.

First, the portal camera pops up in the left corner of the screen, and the user can see the location and can tilt their head to the left or right or up and down to see what is going on over there, and then, if they decide to teleport over there, the portal camera smoothly transitions to the main camera, so the user won’t feel just popping there in the designated location

How can I do it?

Oof… good luck, my friend :grin:

Fully Functional Portals in Unity URP

Just making sure that I understand your design correctly, do you mean:

  • The user sets a location for the new camera
  • The camera feed pops up on the side as a small window on the side of the main screen
  • This camera feed’s orientation follows the player’s orientation
  • The player can then confirm to have the small camera feed to scale up to cover the whole screen, thus moving the player to the new location

If that all look correct, I think you can look into camera stacking in URP for the new camera feed/small camera window. The hardest part to implement would be the new camera, which @Ady_M 's answer’s portal video explains part of how spawning that camera could work.

Let me know if you have any trouble with any other parts of the implementation!
Hope this helps : )