Porting a game to Windows, imput/game settings on launch?

Hello! :slight_smile:
I started building a game on my Mac, and when i’m playing the prototype it just starts. However, this morning i tried to build it for Windows, and before Unity logo appears there is a window where you can choose settings like inputs and resolution… Is it this necessary, or it could be caused by an Asset i took some script by, downloaded from the Store?

Another little question, when i compiled for Windows, i got a unity.exe file and a data collection? IS it correct? Should i just use exe file and ignore the other (like i did to play), or these are both relevant?

Thanks in advance,

Don’t worry, this happens to everybody when they port it to windows. I think there is an option to disable this in the build settings in in the editor. Also, dont delete the data collection, this is where all the assets are kept e.g scripts, textures, models etc. Just put it in a folder with the unity.exe and you should be fine :slight_smile: