Porting a racing game from windows to android device

I have built a unity car racing game for windows, I would like to port it to android(If it is possible.) Any idea of what are the things that I need to modify so as to get it working on Android device?

Unity allows you to port your game to android devices without specifically setting it up for android.

I can’t be sure of what features your game has in it that may need to be optimized, changed or removed.

I can however provide a few main things to consider when getting the game to work smoothly on android devices:

  • Reduce the poly count of models that are high resolution.
  • Format the control system to work with android devices.
  • Use something like asset bundles or APK splitting to reduce the size of your application.
  • Build and test on android devices.

There are a few main things, but you will begin to unravel issues to overcome as you move forward.

PRO LICENCE USERS: I strongly recommend using the profiler to help you optimize the game, It makes like so much easier.