Poser and Vue assets

Hi I'm pretty new with game development and Unity3D. I just want to ask a few questions about Poser and Vue assets. I am or planning on using these applications on creating assets for a game I'm planning to create so here are my questions:

  1. Would Poser assets/models/(.obj) files work well with Unity?
  2. Would Vue assets/models/(.obj) files work well with Unity?
  3. Would I be able to animate Poser models within Unity or do I need to rig them first then import them to Unity to be able to animate them?

That would be my questions for the day :) Thanks

I’ve only worked with Poser, but it’s possible to use the Poser models with Unity. The best choice is to convert the models to .fbx files using Daz3d and their Game Developer Kit (Anywhere from $75 - $150 depending on sales that are running) and Ultimate Unwrap ($60, I think).

There’s a video for using the Daz kit at http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/80134-Workflow-Daz-to-Unity-by-way-of-Ultimate-Unwrap

The native Poser files have extremely high polygon counts and I’ve run into problems using them directly. I’ve tried exporting the Poser files as .dae and then importing into Unity. They work, but not always as intended.