poser to unity3d: animated models

I’m new to unity and now trying to figure out how to get animated model from poser into unity3d.
So far I found out unity imports only fbx files as animated model, and poser cannot export fbx file.
Bypass routes I found were

  1. Poser:export .dae with rigging → 3ds max: do animation here, then export fbx → unity3d
  2. Daz studio with fbx plug-in
    1st option seems somewhat silly, cause kinetics info get lost in max.
    2nd seems to be the best option yet, but I don’t have Daz.

Are there any other options? I have poser pro 2010, poser fusion, max 2009, maya 2012,blender.

Sorry, new to Unity, but decided that I needed to add my 10 cents worth as I am in a similar situation. The best solution I’ve found is using Autodesk’s FBX converter. Autodesk | 3D Design, Engineering & Construction Software
Simply export from poser as .DAE then convert using the application. Brilliant results.

Try exporting the .dae file animated into blender, and from there, export it as a .fbx to unity

Thx, problme solved!
I was wrong. If you have poser pro, you can just export animated model from poser as .dae file and convert it to fbx(with blender or 3dsMax-with open collada).

ina I used low poly model included in Poser 2010 pro. Exported as Collada file, with rigging, multiple frames option, imported in Blender, exported as .fbx.

Glad to hear you had this solution working - Maya would also have been a good option, as you can import DAE and export FBX, but more importantly the rigging and animation tools are very powerful and pretty industry standard in games and film with lots of documentation and tutorials available

Coming in August to Poser → smsi.me/1xFAY7l